Living Mindlessly

Have you ever been in the shower and suddenly wonder whether you’ve done the shampoo part or not?

Has it happened more than once?

With me, it happens often. My mind is far away from what I’m doing.

I guess I’ve always been that way. We were married in June and were temporarily living in my small home village. I was a total social nerd. One of my exceptionally nice aunts pulled my wife aside for tea or something females do. I guess my aunt told my unsuspecting bride that I wasn’t always aware of people around. “I believe he’s always thinking about something.” She was perceptive. Even as a teen, my mind was lost in the world of ideas.

How many times have we been around others and unaware of the signals they are sending? How many thoughtless things have we said without thinking? Our mind was in ourselves not them?

This morning, these thoughts came to me as I brewed coffee. But I was aware also of the coffee in the early morning. And now my chair and the laptop perched on my thighs and the early spring scene outside my window with the robins hunting and the mourning doves calling. It’s been a long process to live mindfully, to concentrate on the minute and the experience at hand, to act intentionally. In a paradox, it slows me in order to speed me.

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