Practicing The Gospel of Welcome

The gospel of welcome. What does it mean? It means the good news is good news for everybody. It’s a blanket, all-inclusive invitation. There isn’t anyone to whom it doesn’t apply. You don’t have to qualify for the gospel. You don’t have to get cleaned up first. There isn’t a particular sin that will make someone shut the door on you. If you’ve been rejected elsewhere, you won’t be rejected here.

This is today’s essay on The Catch by John Fischer. I probably sang some of his songs way back in the late 60s and early 70s when I learned some early Jesus movement music—mostly from my experience teaching in a Catholic school. Those were honest songs about finding a relationship with Jesus.

We hear so much gospel of unwelcome in mass media and social media. Leave that behind. Practice The Gospel of Welcome. Don’t divide humans into us and sinners. God decided, Jesus decided, welcome all who will come. There are no sinners v non-sinners. All are sinners.

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