I Don’t Know

A scientist begins with “I don’t know.” Curiosity ensues. Questions. A need to know and discover.

What about studying theology—or trying to discover God?

I approached all of university, as well as all my studies since, as an answer to “I don’t know, but I am curious to learn.”

I wonder how many people approach the study of theology begin with I don’t know and seek to discover or how many begin with a priori “knowledge” and seek only to prove what they already believe to be true?

Not everyone is like me most likely. Missing out on the joy of discovery. The joy of finding God in unexpected places. And the joy of changing my mind if God shows me a better explanation or path.

University and business writing taught me to express myself with certainty. Some people have said to me that I sound like I know the material. In reality, I’m throwing out ideas. If someone throws back another idea, I’ll consider it. Maybe I’ll learn something new and wonderful.

Sometimes it’s like that man who exclaimed to Jesus, “I believe. Help me in my unbelief!”

We could do with a little less certainty in our societies and a little more joy of discovering something we didn’t know.

2 Responses to “I Don’t Know”

  1. Jarrod Severing Says:

    Love this! Our new Bishop spoke about relationships and about how there is sameness and difference in all relationships. He (and I) are thankful for the difference because it is in the differences that we learn.
    Pastor Jarrod

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