Leaders Listen To Be Effective

Leaders are listeners.

But not just listeners–active listeners.

Some people think that leaders are talkers. It is unfortunate if the person who thinks that is also in a leadership position.

You might get the idea from reading Jack Welch’s books (former CEO of GE) that he spent his time talking to (at?) people convincing them of his message. Maybe that’s why he build an unsustainable conglomerate.

Listen to people. Which employees have great ideas, boundless energy, great passion?

Consider how they relate to the corporate mission.

Tap them for positions where they can succeed by implementing those ideas. And where their success also makes the company successful.

Encourage them. Challenge them. Support them with resources.

Everyone wins.

And where did it start?

The leader has an open mind and listening ears. Then thinks and considers. And at the right time, acts.

See, listening is not passive. It involves engaging the mind combined with deep observation. My focus is not on myself. It is actively engaged with others.

It’s a beautiful thing.

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