We Are All The Same

I’m at a conference where we are all talking about manufacturing technology. In one way or another everyone here is focused on making things for the safety, security, enjoyment, or enrichment of people.

I met a guy last night (well, I’ve known him a little for a few years). He said, “We are all the same.”

Another acquaintance says, “Well, maybe 80% of us.”

“No, we are all the same. Strip it all out and we have the same hopes and fears and desires.”

At this conference there are people from all over the US. Also people from much of Europe. And India. And Japan. And Middle East. Christian, Muslim, HIndu, varieties of Hindu you find across India, Buddhists, Shinto, nothing, don’t care. We all share a desire to improve manufacturing technology to improve the lives of people everywhere. And we share the desire for a good meal. And friends. And peace.

800 people here. I met no jerks. A variety of personalities, to be sure. In no conversation at any time did I ever hear racist or disparaging comments about gender, sexual orientation, handicaps. None.

I work in a great industry. It’s a blessing to be where I can influence some important things. And meet nice people.

The apostle Paul keeps trying to tell us things like this. (Just in case you think ancient wisdom isn’t wisdom.)

We all have faults (sins), he  says. We all deep inside wish for peace with God. We have different approaches. Paul says quit trying to be divisive (try reading  Romans sometime).

We are all alike. We can all learn to go outside, beyond our tribe. Meet people of different ethnic backgrounds. People who look differently from all the people we are familiar with. Maybe we’d stop saying disparaging things about “them” not even realizing we are being racist or divisive when we get to know “them”.

Everyone I meet is a child of God. Loved by God. I need to remember that. Daily. It’s not all about me. It’s all about us.

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