Watch What’s On Your Mind

There are three types of people. 

I know, there are supposed to be two. But I go with the philosophy when life gives you a choice take both…and.

The apostle Paul was struggling to define the difference between those who follow the Law and those who live in the spirit.

I was struggling to explain Paul.

Then it hit me. Paul is actually saying (for example in Romans 6) what even to him ancient thinkers and spiritual seekers had discovered–

You become what you think about.

Some people, who knows why, are rule followers. “Give me a set of rules,” they say, “and I’ll know how to act.” Oh, by the way, and also I’ll know my place on the totem pole versus other people. It becomes easy to compare. In fact, it’s almost essential to compare. Then you know you’re better than the rest.

Some people reject all rules (they think). “I want to be free” is their theme song. “I won’t let no stinking rules tie me down,” they say.

What they don’t realize is that they are not free. Even economists have finally discovered what we all know–we do not make rational economic choices. Six months later we’re saying, “Why did I buy that?” Or, why did I date him (her)? Or, why did I let my anger (jealousy, sexual urge, revenge) control me?

Where your mind is, so shall you go.

The rule follower keeps saying, “I will not covet,” “I will not covet”, “I will not covet.”

What are they thinking about? Right, coveting.

The person living in the spirit may not even know the meaning of the word covet. But, they say, “I will help the next person I meet,” “and the next”, and so on. They say, “I will keep my mind focused on God and on others.”

You shall love the Lord your God…, and your neighbor as yourself.

Like so many truths in life. This is both simple and hard at the same time.

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