Are You Concerned About Ethics Today

I’m at a conference this week. These days I am called an “influencer” or writer or analyst–not journalist. But I hang out with the business journalists covering manufacturing technology.

Last night at dinner some got to talking about the “fake news” that has has captured the country’s attention. Now that we write for the Web and for Facebook and Twitter, no one checks us on facts and the more extravagant we use words the more views we get. And it’s all about views.

It blows my mind. How can people be so unconcerned about truth or facts? How can they be so cynical about people so as to think that they are gullible consumers of outlandish words?

Or is it our fault for being non-critical readers?

Be honest with yourself now. How often have you been suckered into passing along something you saw on Facebook only to be told it’s a lie?

Ethics leads to trust. Trust reflects character. In the end all you leave behind is the legacy of your character.

We can each do our part in elevating the ethics discussion around us. Be aware. Be careful. Maintain focus on the more important things.

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