Where Do You Focus

“When you complain, nobody wants to help you.” –Stephen Hawking, physicist

So who would have thought that I quote one of the world’s most famous atheists? If you don’t know of Hawking, he is a brilliant physicist who is confined to a wheel chair. Can barely move or even talk.

But isn’t there a lot of truth to what he said?

Quick know anyone who is always complaining about themselves?

When you spend your time focusing on things that are wrong. When you spend your precious resource of time with someone projecting negativity to everyone, what is your impact on people?

Certainly you won’t be a source of growth. You are a source of destruction.

In America, but not just here but also all over Europe, and not just there but in much of the world, we are in an era of negativity.

We don’t like people different from us.

We don’t like policies of others.

Everything is a zero-sum game–there are either winners or losers.

There is a marvelous thing that God built into our brains. We can choose our focus. We can choose our response.

We can choose to focus on others. It’s not so much covering up bad things, bad health, a relationship gone sour. But by choosing to focus on the other person and building them up, we turn the entire situation on its head. Or better we turn it from being on its head to back upright.

We can, one of us at a time, change the outlook of our web of relationships. We can spread positive thinking.

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