Are You Getting Better

There was a small group of men at one place I worked who considered themselves perfect. They couldn’t get any better because they had been “saved.”

Not sure where they got that idea. It doesn’t fit with 2,000 years of theology and practice. Oh, and none of the rest of us thought they were particularly perfect.

For the rest of us who don’t belong to small churches that take off and run with one idea, life is more of a practice of “sanctification.” That’s a big word that simply means becoming mature in faith.

We decide at some point in our lives that we are going to follow Jesus. As far as our daily lives go, that’s not the end. It’s the beginning. Spiritual life is a journey. Our goal is to live like our Teacher and become closer to perfect.

I recently heard Andy Stanley talking about getting better before getting bigger. He was talking about churches. In a sense it works corporately as well as personally.

Almost every pastor in the US wishes to build one of those mega-churches. Dreams of thousands coming every week to hear his messages. Reads the sociologists of church growth–build by an expressway, have a huge parking lot, don’t have any religious symbols, play loud music.

Business people have the same wish. They want their business to grow to huge proportions.

The strategy should be to get better first. As a person. As an organization.

Ask every day:

  • “Am I better today?”
  • “What am I (or are we) doing better today?”
  • “How can I (we) be better today?”

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