Answering The Call

“Did you hear what I said?”

What mother hasn’t asked that question? Many times?

Or my wife when either I didn’t reply or replied too quietly for her to hear.

I was studying the story of Abraham and Isaac where Abraham was called by God to offer Isaac as a sacrifice to Him.

It’s a weird little story. Some drama. No emotion. Nothing like the dramatization of the TV show.

Notice Abraham’s lines in the story. “Here I am.” God calls to Abraham. Abraham answers, “Here I am.” Isaac calls to his father. He answers, “Here I am.”  God calls again to Abraham. Once again the answer, “Here I am.”

Are we present at the call? You know the joke, “The lights are on, but nobody is home.”

God doesn’t talk to us every minute of every day. It is our responsibility to notice when he calls and be present. “Here I am, God. What can I do for you?”

Sometimes, it’s not God directly who calls. Sometimes he uses other people to call you. Maybe a friend. A colleague. A pastor or teacher. It is up to us to recognize a call and then go and do it.

We don’t want to wind up like Jonah, I guess. Someone who heard the call and didn’t agree with it. God wouldn’t leave him alone. He tried to escape the call. God pursued. He did it, unwillingly, and grumbled to the end about the injustice of what God did (at least in his eyes).

Better that we just listen, acknowledge and act.

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