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Diamonds on the Inside

September 9, 2016

“She’s got diamonds on the inside.”

I have no idea what the song was about, but I love that picture. I’m thinking of the beauty that shines through. Not wearing it on the outside for flash and attention. But coming from within.

The past few days I’ve read about “for profit” colleges shutting down suddenly. Why does pursuit of profit have to corrupt some people? It made me think of the three or four guys I’ve worked with over the years who wore their Christianity outside. Sort of a veneer. When we parted ways, they all owed me money. And other people.

On the other hand, I’ve known many leaders whose robust spiritual life shined through from the inside. They lived their beliefs. It was part of them. They had no urge to show it off or force a particular branch of religion. They were great to work for and with. And usually good at business or leadership, too.

I’ve joked in the past that when I meet an overtly Christian businessman I reach for my pocket for assurance that my wallet is still there.

But that is a bit cynical. True in some cases, unfortunately.

Still–where are my diamonds? Encrusted on the outside as a glittering veneer, or embedded inside showing through as a part of natural beauty?

Think of the people we know that are like that. I bet if we but stop and reflect we can think of many. Maybe when we’re contemplating upon that person we’d like to be we can focus on those and try to be like them.

To Find Beauty Look At The Heart

October 30, 2014

Ever look at someone and judge beauty?

Notice the question is not gender specific? I’m a man, so I’m pretty familiar with what men do. But I’ve had enough conversations (or I’ve listened to others in places where I’m alone) to know that women do that, too. Maybe just differently.

Even just asking that question makes many people feel insecure.

It gets translated into thoughts such as “Am I beautiful enough” or “Why was I born this way” or “I need to lose x pounds”.

I work many days at a Starbucks that is embedded in a Kroger grocery store. Many people walk by. Years of refereeing has made me observant. I see a lot.

Yesterday I saw a woman who was quite attractive. But she’d never have a photo grace the cover of a women’s (or men’s) magazine. But you could just tell.

I thought, this is a little like Jesus. He was very observant. But he looked at hearts. He wanted to know the status of your heart. And there he found beauty.

Two questions:

What do you see when you observe people?

What is the status of your your heart?