Distinguished By Behavior

Three days ago Western Christians celebrated Easter—Resurrection Day. I thought about living in a post-resurrection world. Luke documents the changes in Jesus’ followers when the implications of the resurrection sank in.

Sitting in contemplation this morning I saw a bird flying across the yard toward a large tree. A finch, I thought, I can tell by the way it flies. Hmm, I can distinguish among many species by their unique behaviors.

Those early Christians, those who lived in the first century, could be distinguished by their behaviors.

Today, I wondered, can we distinguish Christians by their behaviors?

What would be the distinguishing characteristic?

Would it be the peace, joy, and love of the first century Christian? The Acts 2 Christian?

Would it be a loud-mouthed US Congressperson or other politician US or elsewhere?

Perhaps the pastor and his congregation outside with a loudspeaker shouting epithets at people they don’t agree with or people who look different from them?

Or, perhaps the person who does not make news headlines quietly serving others and passing the peace and joy and love along?

Looking in a mirror, what behavior of mine do I see? What about you?

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