Accompanying Me On The Way


Today’s walk. Two weeks ago, the accompanying music was the soprano chorus of “peepers”, small frogs. This week I have had the solo bass voices of the bullfrog. Sorry for the photo. Someday I’ll follow through with my threat to myself to carry my good Canon with a long lens rather than just the iPhone.

There is meditation, and then there is meditation. I have heard of people who need everything just right in order to meditate. The correct size and firmness of a pillow. The right scents. Either no sounds or a special white noise sound.


A walk in nature. Ambient sounds are whatever. Sights are whatever. Movement is in rhythm. Today’s ambient sounds were the basso profundo of the frog and the contralto squawk of the redwing blackbirds that seemed to be monitoring my journey around the pond.

Sun. Movement. Absorbing nature’s sounds. Mind open to hearing God and nature speak to me. What a great way to start the day.

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