Stupid People and Fools

I saw two brief essays yesterday dealing with “stupid people.”

One person talked about having compassion. The other said to work hard not to elect them to the US Congress.

Some other reading caused a reflection on those I believe Wisdom literature would call fools. Many times throughout history of humans people exist who profess belief in God. An all-knowing, all-powerful God.

Yet, when life gets down to acting on those beliefs, how they act belies those beliefs.

How many times have religious people talked of the power of God and yet enact laws or rules designed to force people to behave in the manner these god-fearing people think they should in accordance to their interpretation of God.

Pharisees of Jesus’ time come to mind. Or the medieval laws of Europe. Or the Calvinistic laws of early America (vestiges of which remain). Or the modern Pharisees hell-bent on passing more laws forcing us to behave the way they wish they could behave.

Is their God not powerful enough to change people’s hearts? Is their God not strong enough to protect them?

Some people just don’t know. I can go along with the writer having compassion.

I’d rather not have people who don’t know passing laws.

And I’d rather be around people whose trust in God runs deep and sure. And I’d hope to be one of those.

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