Companion On The Road

Companions on today’s walk around the pond.

Sandhill Cranes

It’s the first I’ve seen of the cranes this spring walking around. They make a lot of noise when they fly. I’ve heard the ruckus a few times this week.

One day back when I was running in the morning I left the house only to find a large husky in the front yard. He came over. One paw went on my left shoulder. The other paw on my right. He looked me in the eyes.

So, I just said, “Want to go for a run?” He got down and bounded off. He was my companion for that run. And no other dog bothered me that day.

It’s good to have a companion.

Sometimes there’s a surprise beauty. Sometimes a surprise and a protector. God can be that way. We practice disciplines of reading and meditation to keep us close to God. But sometimes he’s just a surprise companion along the path. Maybe a guide. Maybe a protector. Maybe a companion.

It’s good when we are open and available.

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