Feeling Competent

Yesterday’s post targeted that moment just as you are about to learn something new, that moment when you feel totally incompetent. The language app plays a conversation is a new language, and you can’t understand a word. You see the tabs for a guitar line and it makes no sense.

But, you struggle through the first feelings and try. You practice a few times, several times, many times.

Then, one day you suddenly feel competent with that new skill.

You understand simple conversations in your new language. You can pick out a blues line in E. You sit almost effortlessly and focus on nothing as you meditate open to any whispers from God.

Now you are ready for that next step. You are in that moment between competency and incompetency as you float on to the next level.

Life is a cycle. Perhaps more like an upward bound spiral as you grow your skills and knowledge.

And may it never stop.

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