Putting Love Over Theory

When Jesus battled wits with the Pharisees, the theme was usually love over theory.

To the Pharisees, the important thing was following their 600+ laws, their theory of how to get right with God. And you had to agree with them or you were on the heathen side, not God’s side.

Jesus evaluated everything in light of “You shall love the Lord your God…and your neighbor as yourself.”

Life and one’s relationship to God depended on your orientation. How you interacted with God and with humans that you met. Theory didn’t get you far in his view.

We still have that tension. There was another shooting at a school in America yesterday. Some people react with theory–well, stuff happens, they say.

Where are the acts of love and peace and compassion and (the real business of Jesus) changing lives?

And I always wind up challenging myself for what I should be doing. But I know it lies in acts of love not spouting theory.

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