That Feeling Of Being Incompetent

We decide to learn something. Hit a golf ball. Play a musical instrument. Meditate.

Just before we begin, we feel incompetent. What are we doing? Why? How?

We take a swing and miss the ball. We pick up the guitar and don’t know where to put our fingers for that first chord. We can’t find the right posture or cushion or find the way to still our mind to settle into meditation.

If we think we know it all, we’ll never learn.

If we feel incompetent, yet curious with a dollop of desire, then we can begin to be a learner.

A learner’s life lies in that tension of competency with where we are and feeling incompetent looking at the next step. And there should always be a next step.

2 Responses to “That Feeling Of Being Incompetent”

  1. Sophia Lorena Benjamin Says:

    good post….well done Gary.

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