You Cannot Just Sit

When Paul the Apostle wrote a letter to one of his groups, the letter was read aloud at the recipient church by one of the leaders. Straight through. But then, I imagine that the group would discuss the letter. Paul often pointed out shortcomings or things they were doing wrong. I imagine that sparked some strong emotions.

I just read his letter to the Roman church pretty much straight through. It struck me that much of the letter answered questions and addressed problems unique to this group.

That doesn’t mean we can’t learn from his advice.

One thing that strikes me is that Paul did not stop his discussion with “you are saved by grace through faith.” It’s not like that is the end. It is the beginning–the beginning of your new life.

Following his theological discussion of God throughout history and what God has done for us, Paul then describes what a new life living with God through Jesus looks like. We treat others with grace and respect. We become good citizens of our city and country. We hold ourselves holy.

He’s telling us that spiritual formation has a physical component. Putting our bodies to service of others is an integral part of our growth in the spirit. We cannot just sit on our faith.

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