How We Respond

My contemplation this morning coalesced around how we respond.

It began with fear. We have so many fears. Mostly of the unknown. Mostly of things that will never happen. Yet, we are affected. Do we respond by lashing out at whoever or whatever is around? Do we respond by freezing or hiding? Or do we respond by facing the fear and its roots and dealing with it?

The Covid pandemic is two years old. In most places of the world, things are getting better. In a few, the virus is still spreading. How did we respond? Did we maintain some stability? Did we work through the changes? As we emerge, how are we coping?

We can respond by allowing our inner drives and emotions take the lead. Often that is dysfunctional.

We can respond through awareness of the situation and ourselves. Then we choose our best response. That takes work. But it is the good work.

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