Sometimes Discipline Goes Out Of The Window

Arrived home from San Diego last night about midnight. Slept in almost an hour. But still went over to the fitness center for workout and whirlpool. Finishing my bowl of steel cut oats when my wife exclaims, “There’s a dog on the patio!”

I play with dogs. I don’t own dogs. There is never a lost dog in the neighborhood. She thought maybe it was our neighbor’s Pomeranian mix. But one look, and no. And no neighbor chasing it.

I looked at it. Definitely not Mochi. And it looked strangely bedraggled. Oh, someone had started shearing the thing, got about half-way, stopped. There was a strange basket thing on its neck. Later, the police officer said it was supposed to be on the snout. The dog was a biter.

Lost owner

I spent the next hour-and-a-half on the dog. Went outside. It barked and snarled at me. Usually dogs will come to me. I’ll make friends. Tell it to go home, and lead it home. This dog snarled, bared its teeth, and was going no where. It liked our patio.

Posted on the community Facebook pages. Wrote to the association management. They said call the police. Did that. She comes and tries to get the thing. Neighbor sent her grandson with bacon. Nothing worked. Finally got it with a lasso thing.

Oh, the dog had no identification on it. I posted on Facebook that the dog was now in police custody if anyone could find an owner. I had looked around the neighborhood to see if someone was looking for a dog. Nothing. Later the association posted a picture of an incarcerated dog.

My morning was now shot. And errands and blog posting were all out of the window.

No sense worrying about lost productivity. Some days are just that way, and you live with it. Just don’t let it be a habit.

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