All Heat No Warmth

I have returned home to below freezing temperatures after four days in sunny and warm Florida. This is my second business trip since February 2020. Once again I am reminded of how many nice people there are in the world.

These people are the professionals—engineers, technicians, managers—whose role is maintenance and reliability of equipment. Think huge turbines and motors that provide power. Or equipment that manufacture the pharmaceuticals you take or the car you drive or the gasoline in your car. All week there were polite, helpful people.

We made connections. We discussed problems and solutions and got to know new people and renew old acquaintances.

It’s too bad that the news we feed our minds with from social media or TV lead us to believe the world is filled with loud-mouthed, violent, hateful people.

Then I thought, what if one of these people didn’t do their job correctly and your electrical power went out? My house is heated with natural gas. The house cools to a certain temperature and a device tells the furnace to fire up. But, with no electricity, the blower doesn’t work.

The furnace supplies a lot of heat, but it has nowhere to go.

Sounds like many Christians that I bet we know. They are all fired up, but to no good use.

Perhaps their churches could be like this conference where everyone is nice to others. They make connections and discuss problems and solutions helping each other out. The people are curious desiring to learn new methods and technologies and products. They learn how to lead teams. And we say good-bye agreeing to meet again at the next conference.

They spread the warmth to others.

Go spread a little warmth. And if you are a little chilly, I pray that someone enters your life for a bit offering to spread a little warmth your way.

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