Pursuit of Wisdom

Wisdom is the perfect good of the human mind; philosophy is the love of wisdom, and the endeavor to attain it. The latter strives toward the goal which the former has already reached.


The Christian Bible contains a significant amount of wisdom literature to complement history and prophecy. Check out the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes in the Hebrew Scriptures, for example. In the Christian part, check out especially James, but also Peter and some of Paul. Jesus’ teachings often come from Proverbs and other wisdom teaching.

Taking an aside—we are approaching the end of the year. A good way to start your new year is to read the Proverbs throughout January. 31 chapters, 31 days, a chapter a day. A solid foundation for the new year.

This concept from Seneca intrigues me. I would translate it from his first century experience and point-of-view and language like so: God is the perfect good of the universe; contemplation and service show the love of God; following Jesus is the endeavor to live in oneness with God.

This formulation leaves something to be desired. Yet, I think it captures my attempts to verbalize this concept of loving God and desiring to live in the Spirit.

In this final countdown to Christmas this year, let us live with anticipation of the coming of God to the world.

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