Do you ever take time off? Get away from everything? In the Hebrew Scriptures (Christians call it the Old Testament), God introduced a concept of Shabbat. Take a day off a week. Take a year off out of every seven.

I am listening to a man called Jerry Colonna being interviewed on the Tim Ferriss podcast. He is talking about how he was feeling burned out and learned to take a 2-month sabbatical. They discussed how hard it can be to take that step away from everything to do something different.

It isn’t all sitting in mediation. He travels. Reads books he wouldn’t necessarily have time for. Contemplates where he is going in life.

He talked about clients who can’t even take one weekend day off. They think.

Some people cannot even take time during the “Christmas to New Years break.”

If you are not on a cycle that includes breaks, you should consider beginning a Shabbat cycle. Perhaps just a day to begin. Maybe you can figure out two weeks. Then two months.

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