Change Your Point of View

We moved at the beginning of the Covid pandemic. There was no way we were getting a painter in. There was no way that I was going to paint the entire house myself. We lived with contractor white walls everywhere until a few weeks ago.

When we moved in, I listened to my wife who always wanted my desk in Ohio situated so that you look out the window. So, I put my desk in this house against the wall looking out at the yard. I always felt uncomfortable. I decided one day to turn the desk around. My back is to the window. I’m facing the door. I chose a deep blue as a soothing, meditative color when we painted.

I now feel more comfortable whether at this desk for reading or my standing desk to the right out of the picture.

Changing your point of view, that direction from which you observe things, broadens perspective. You can take in other views. Consider additional facts and opinions.

This also leads to growth and maturity. Try looking at things differently. It’s possible you’ve missed something important. And you may feel more in the flow.

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