Have a Story?

My story today is a 6AM press event originating from France. Interesting story about sustainability, energy efficiency, automation for my other blog. Now, I’m behind for the rest of the day.

This is one of the retention ponds (the developer calls them “lakes”) that I pass several times a week on my morning exercise. We have many Canada geese. But, wait! What’s that? It looks like a domesticated white goose has joined the flock.

Ever wonder what story that goose might have had? How did it wind up with these “wild” geese?

Made me think of all those rural stories about the farmer’s teenage daughter who becomes infatuated with the boy from the traveling shows in the old days. She runs off to join the acting troupe.

Or maybe it’s like the Syro-Phoenician woman who came to Jesus and bantered back and forth with him about healing her daughter. He says, shouldn’t I heal my own people first? She counters, even the dogs get crumbs from the table. When I read this story, I visualize both of them with small smiles on their faces as they banter. I think Jesus appreciated that kind of conversation. I don’t see this conversation in the same manner as some of his conversations with Pharisees, for example.

Are you like the flock of Canada geese? Or, are you more like the outsider who somehow became part of the flock? How do you react as the former? How do you fit in as the latter? What is your story?

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