Add A Little Bit of Soul

And when you’re in a mess and you feel like cryin’

Just remember this little song of mine

And as you go through life tryin’ to reach your goal

Just remember what I said about a little bit o’soul

A little bit o’ soul, yeah (a little bit o’ soul)
A little bit o’ soul, yeah (a little bit o’ soul)

Music Explosion

We humans, especially in our religion but also through government, seem to love a certain rigidity of rules. We have rules everywhere. One can often determine which branch of Christianity or which religion or which country, even, by the list of rules each enforces.

We can hit the top ones like abortion or homosexuality or race or class. Then there are whether or not to celebrate birthdays or feast days or holidays. There still exist religious rules on what to wear—although American culture seems to be infiltrating the world with casual and even provocative dress.

I was sitting in contemplation on the idea of the rigidity of rules when my mind started singing this song.

Now when you’re feelin’ low and the fish won’t bite

You need a little bit o’ soul to put you right

You gotta make like you wanna kneel and pray

And then a little bit of soul will come your way

Music Explosion

Approach life with a little bit of soul. Relax. It’ll put you right.

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