Do We Merely Copy From Someone Else

We may use the terms “mimic” or “ape” or even merely “copy” to describe why and how we do something.

I watch my grandson’s 13-year-old baseball team. It’s cute in a way to see how some of the kids have watched a few major league games and copy this or that mannerism. If only they would copy catching the ball or being in the right place during a play!

Those of us who are self aware may ask why we do things or believe things.

The writer of The Cloud of Unknowing in his other writings collected as The Pursuit of Wisdom warns against aping another.

As good spiritual directors will, he probes our motivations.

Are we merely copying someone’s spiritual practices? Or, are our souls stirred by the spirit to pursue study or meditation or small group in order to go deeper into the spirit?

What about our religious or political or even business beliefs? Are we letting others put words in our mouths? Or, have we thought through the foundations and ramifications of those beliefs?

Maybe something sounded cute on social media, but upon reflection we discover that Jesus would have never condoned that thinking.

Maybe we should periodically meet with ourselves or our spiritual director and rethink our motivations and make course corrections as necessary.

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