Do you find yourself venting some emotion such as anger, hate, fear by reposting something you’ve seen on social media?

Do you have a nagging tightness in the gut, especially thinking of the way some group or other acts?

Do you snap back at people who disagree with you?

Do you load yourself with work?

Do you rush to meet deadlines?

Are you late for every appointment?

I have a word for you. A Monday morning gift.


A slow, deep inhale. Pause. A slow, complete exhale.

Repeat 3-4 times.

Feel the relaxation.

Now, see with perspective. Slow your movements a little. Let those stupid posts on social media just slide on through while you look for updates from friends and family about what the kids are up to, or their latest trip, or their new car, or who is sick and needs prayer.

Then go on to the next task. No rush. Just relaxed.

What better way to start a day or a week?

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