It is the time of the Perseid meteor shower. Our grandkids live in a city where the lights overpower the sky and stars are not seen. We live on the outskirts with civilization close by, but corn and soy bean fields predominant.

They came out to stay up late and gaze at the sky. We sat down. I told them to develop the technique of staring without focusing. Make your field of view broad, not narrow.

One meteor streaked across the sky. Then another. Then a series. And their excitement built until they were almost shouting about seeing another.

We so easily forget the joys and delights in simple things. It’s easy to become lost in our work, or politics, or finances. This must be part of the “becoming like a little child” comment of Jesus. Sit back, take in new experiences with surprise, delight, wonder.

Seth Godin pondered on this week’s podcast about what life would be like after most work can be done by artificial intelligence and automation. I agree with him.

First, humans want to build, create, contribute. And they will.

Second, perhaps we can be like our ancestors for the previous thousands of years until the industrial revolution of the 1700s. We will have time to sit on the porch, stare at the sky in wonder, tell stories, perhaps sip on some wine.

As I sit on my patio at 6 am watching the mist hover over the grass and bushes, the rabbits munching on plants, the blackbirds scouring the yard for bugs, sandhill cranes squawking, geese training for migration.

Times like this make room for pondering the creator of it all.

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