Doing What Is Good or Doing What Looks Good

Times of crisis and uncertainty bring out the true colors of leaders. Not only national political leaders, but leaders at every level of every type of organization.

Thomas à Kempis said, A person who cares nothing for praise or blame knows great inward peace….Praise does not make you holier than you are, nor blame more wicked. You are exactly what you are, and cannot ever be any better or worse than that, in the eyes of God. Attend to what is really within you, then, and you will not care what others say of you.

We will discover which leaders are looking for praise and which are the humble servants who do the job well.

Looking inside ourselves, we also discover what are our motivations.

Can we live with the person in the mirror? Do we fall short? If so, there is time to step up and do what is good and not just what looks good. Self awareness is the first step to growth and maturity.

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