Order From Chaos

I began the week surrounded by the chaos of packing in preparation for a move. Today, I am in my new house 300 miles (480 kilometers) away once again surrounded by chaos—the chaos of boxes waiting to be unpacked, trying to find a cup for the morning coffee, finding the normalcy of my old routines in new surroundings.

In the midst of chaos is serenity. This morning I devoted about an hour to meditation (what today they like to call mindfulness). In the quiet at the beginning of a day I find order. And ideas—how to fix something a repairman didn’t finish, how to organize a new office. The ideas don’t swarm like hornets, rather they quietly appear fully ready.

The outer world is almost the opposite of chaos with people withdrawn into their houses. Outside for walks for physical and mental health. Far less than the usual traffic. Beneath the quiet lies the chaos of uncertainty. How long will it take for the virus to run its course? How long for the news media to hype numbers? When will life be “normal”?

Just as God brought order from chaos by speaking a primordial word, we can taste that order by bringing stillness and listening for that same primordial word.

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