Prepare The Way

Last night we were discussing the failure to plan on the part of Bev and me (actually our daughter Heather was discussing our failure) was the source of my stress.

You see, I’m writing this from my new time zone—CDT. Our new house is about 10 minutes from here, and I’m waiting in anticipation of a call from our mover to help him survey the cul-de-sac and determine where to put the large semi rig for unloading. We are completing the move to the outskirts of the Chicago area.

Heather thought we should have planned everything out well in advance. I wasn’t preparing for a move, because I didn’t want to. Bev, on the other hand, has been thinking (obsessing?) for a long time. However, from T0 (asking a realtor about selling our house) to T1 (getting an offer) was less than a week. T3, Two weeks later she found the house she wanted some 300 miles (480 km) away. It took a while for the legal/financial formalities, and at T8 we’re moving.

We had been gradually shedding possessions (reduced by one whole bookcase, but that was far from enough when you think of boxing all the books—probably about 600 lbs. worth). Many times decisions are made suddenly when the time is right. All you can do is prepare for eventualities.

So I’m thinking about this when I open today’s 300 Words A Day from Jon Swanson. His topic—preparing and planning. He is so right. Being prepared for whatever plans with the inevitable changes in plans smooths the way.

So the inevitable visited us from a delay getting the move out finished Monday due to the SleepNumber bed techs who didn’t finish their job to a delay with appliances because the Lowe’s installers didn’t finish the job to a delay when the mover’s truck broke down. But we are prepared, so I can ride it out without a huge rise in blood pressure numbers.

Jon thought about Ezekiel in his piece on preparing. I immediately thought about John the Baptizer who came to prepare the way (song from Jesus Christ, Superstar—Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord—is repeating in my brain).

It seems that in ancient times, no town leaders were so ignorant as to have a straight, smooth road leading to their town inviting invaders to come and get it. But when they were advised the king was coming, they would go out and “straighten” the road and make it smooth for the king’s arrival. That’s preparing the way.

Preparation doesn’t mean that you won’t have work to do. It just means you’ve taken the time to prepare your mind and tools for whatever work must be done. That works for moving—or for business or organizations or personally.

PS—in the middle of this meditation, I received a call from the mover. he thought the mechanic repaired his truck. He started the trip up here and discovered the repairs were not complete. With any luck, move in day it tomorrow. I have time to fix the work of the appliance installers and do my other work.

2 Responses to “Prepare The Way”

  1. Emily Wilson Says:

    I feel a lot of sympathy for you for having to move to a different area of the country. The job of moving is exhausting and does not end on the day you move into your new home. Even though you have chosen to move, you will experience some sadness in leaving your old home. Please take care of your health. I moved from Ohio to Virginia in 2014, and it was not a small thing for me either. Good luck with everything!

    • Gary Mintchell Says:

      Thanks, Emily. We moved 7 times in the first 5 years of our marriage. This is the second time since. I knew the work in front of us and prepared mentally and spiritually. I practice many health-enhancing and inflammation-reducing practices—exercise, Yoga, meditation, nutrition. Oh, and hand washing 😉 Hopefully it all works out. The biggest danger for colds or other illnesses is after the fact during the letdown. That feeling of exhaustion and relief. That is the time to tackle exercise vigorously.

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