Starting The Day Mindfully

Dietrich BonhoefferThe morning prayer determines the day. Squandered time of which we are ashamed, temptations to which we succumb, weakness and lack of courage in work, disorganization and lack of discipline in our thoughts and in our conversation with others, all have their own origin most often in the neglect of morning prayer. Order and distribution of our time become more firm where they originate in prayer.

We have been so busy for the past three weeks with all the financing, closing, packing, and other work required by deciding to move to a smaller house far away, that the entire coved-19 problem is just one more thing to weigh on our minds. It exists among the entire jumble of thoughts churning through the juicer of our minds.

It is stress blended with more stress. And now I have a final appointment with one of my doctors before I move and have to find a new one. This will screw with my blood pressure.

But Bonhoeffer reminds us about starting the day mindfully. He was someone who knew stress. And obviously knew how to handle it.

For myself, I wake up during the past two weeks about two hours early thinking of my immense to-do list. But then I lie in corpse pose (Yoga, look it up) and focus on breathing and then on God while I remain in inner calm. Even so, I arise at my usual 5:30 am refreshed and ready to get going.

Try it; you’ll like it.

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