All Is Not Lost

Dire predictions of the end of industries, end of the world, end of life as we know it are everywhere throughout my news scan these days.

Yet, here I am about to sign the papers to own a new house 270 miles from where I’ve lived for the past 40+ years. The movers assure me they will be there Monday to load up.

I received a press release about a company buying land to build two more buildings on its site. I figured the company was doing well, but plans to triple size—wow.

I study the “Internet of Things.” This technology forms an integral part of smart cities. There have been some interesting applications over the past few years principally traffic monitoring and flow control. Now, I’m receiving news of focusing smart cities ideas into both fighting this virus outbreak and controlling or preventing future ones. People around the world are pooling talents, knowledge, initiative to solve serious problems to benefit all humans.

I saw a news item from San Francisco about an organization trying to help those who help and at the same time helping those who might lose their jobs and businesses. For $1,000, they buy 50 meals from some of the best restaurants and take them to front-line health care workers. Maybe you, your church, your organization could spearhead something like that for your community.

I had to resign from a community center board due to my move. I returned some materials yesterday and saw how they were handing out box lunches to those in need of a meal. Serving still goes on.

Perhaps extended time at home allows for deeper reading of spiritual writers bringing you closer to living with God. Part of living with God is helping out those in need. Have a neighbor who needs help getting food? Deliver some coffee to someone trying to help? There must be something.

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