If You Can Keep Your Head When All Around You Others Are Losing Theirs

So goes a famous phrase. It is as true today as any time since humans were hunter/gatherers.

On the one hand, some people disappoint me with their responses. News “reporters” pander idle speculation in lieu of facts and call it reporting (a recent comment by the editor of Axios, formerly my favorite go-to news app, now I prefer Morning Brew). Politicians puff themselves up as great leaders while they flounder to juggle all the ramifications of different courses of actions.

Yet, we traveled once more to the Chicago area yesterday to close on the purchase of our new house and to take possession. Once again we met pleasant, professional, and helpful people wherever we went. The only strange thing was no concluding handshake or hug. Some writers think that we’ll never go back to touching. I beg to differ. It’s a human need. As soon as we get past worry, we’ll be back to human normal.

Speaking of leaders, the last of the “good 5” Roman emperors and fervent Stoic, Marcus Aurelius, developed mindfully a humble attitude. He searched out the best and brightest people to help him run his empire. He brought them to Rome, put them in charge, and let them do their thing. His reign experienced years of plagues and disease. He brought Galen, the foremost doctor of the time, to work things out.

American presidents such as George Washington (steeped in the Stoics) and Dwight Eisenhower acted in the same manner.

As to keeping your head—this is the most important thing we can each perform. Spreading calm concern and a helpful attitude rather than spreading worry and panic like the dust that always followed Charlie Brown character Pigpen.

We do that by a regular discipline of meditation, prayer, and returning to spiritual writers and the Bible for inspiration and the reminder that God is. (Thanks for that thought, Jon)

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