Responses to the Spread of a Virus

In my other blog, I’m a well-known writer/analyst about manufacturing—leadership, technology, strategies. That email box is filling with messages from PR people announcing this or that company’s response to the virus. CEOs and Marketing officers are more than willing to be quoted. Everyone wants to be a thought leader.

Reminds me of Prairie Home Companion and stories from Lake Wobegone where all the children are above average.

However, it is important to stop the spread of the virus. Like the flu and other such diseases, 99% of the general population will survive the sickness and a huge percentage of at-risk people who get the virus will not (although hopefully we can keep the number who do get it small).

Be careful of information you take in. Like I do for health and nutrition and fitness, I carefully vet my sources. Most likely similar to you I am amazed at the number of people pandering to fear and feeding false information.

I maintain my spiritual disciplines first. Then my health and nutrition disciplines (it is important to keep the immune system healthy). I know what I can only do what I can control and as to the rest that I can’t—well, I know I must focus on other things.

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