Weird Times Call For A Dose of Reality

These are weird, even surreal, times. One place of normal gatherings after another closed by order of the government. Schools, churches, restaurants, bars. People panic-buying toilet paper, bottled water.

I saw one family at the grocery yesterday afternoon evidently stocking up for the “cocooning” (as we used to say) who had a grocery cart filled to overflowing with snack “foods”. I can see them in a week, 20 lbs. heavier each with clogged arteries and unable to walk up a flight of stairs…

We need to remember advice from the most ancient of sources—that we realize what we can control and do that. The rest is outside our power to affect. Be aware, but don’t worry about it. That is lost energy better applied elsewhere. So we do what we can and survive a day at a time. Most of us will, of course.

Remember the most common commandment in the Bible? “Fear not!” Take that thought into our being. And do something for someone today. Like maybe thanking a healthcare professional.

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