When Panic Takes Over

Covid-19 appears to be a respiratory illness, yet even here in the rural Midwest there is a massive purchasing of toilet paper. I guess when all around you are messages of fear and uncertainty, you grasp for something safe.

I was thinking that the skills that get you somewhere are seldom the skills that serve you well when you arrive.

If your speaking skill is stirring the emotions of your true believers, then when you arrive as a leader and panic of the led requires a reasoned, calming speech you are ill prepared.

Same thing works in business. The skills that got you to CEO or other leadership position are not the skills you need to survive at that level. Only those who continually learn and adapt survive. Nature teaches us that every day.

I never wrote as much as a paragraph in school until I was 16 and a senior. The teacher did not teach us how; he just said Write. I have written something every day for the past 22 years. I guess I had a lot of stuff building up for those 16 years that’s taking a long time to get out…

Back to the current situation.

  • Wash your hand thoroughly and often
  • Maintain a healthy immune system
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Eat good food, lots of berries and veggies, but not too much
  • Get some exercise daily
  • Yoga, mediation, classical music—whatever is calming
  • Consider supplements such as Emergen-C to boost immune system
  • Yes, I heard you mom, I’ll wash my hands

Yesterday afternoon the emails notifying cancellations of events began pouring in. My last chance at mentoring at a soccer referee academy in Ohio was cancelled. Games we were assigning referees were cancelled. State championship basketball games were cancelled. Think of that…teams worked hard all season to be able to play for the big prize, and poof, gone.

I hope the movers still show up on the 23rd. It’s only two of us…

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