Among the important traits of a leader, stability ranks with clear vision and effective communication.

Ricochet Rabbit served as sheriff in a cartoon parody of the American Wild West. He earned the name “ricochet” because his hyperactivity had him bouncing off the walls–literally, it was a cartoon, after all.

I had a boss like that once. Nice guy, but I never knew where he would be coming from when he walked into my office. Yesterday’s project was forgotten. On to new things today, only to be replaced tomorrow by another idea.

We find ourselves at times like that. Our mind resembles a group of squirrels scrounging for seeds.

“We must try to keep the mind in tranquility. Our mind when distracted by countless worldly cares cannot focus itself distinctly on the truth,” said St. Basil the Great.

David Allen, the master productivity guru wrote in Getting Things Done the importance of having a “mind like water.” That is a mind that absorbs a shock, the ripples start out but smooth out into stillness once again so that we may focus.

Take a deep breath, slowly exhale, allow the mind to settle back into a state of tranquility. Then we may perceive the truth. And make better decisions.

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