Forcing People Into Categories

Software designed to help management run businesses usually forces the company to change to fit it. Rather than assisting people operating the organization it forces workflows and the way to operate as designed by some geek in a cubicle hacking computer code.

Politician can be that way. They have a theory and fit facts and people into categories according to that theory. Everything becomes a battle where I’m trying to get my theory triumphant (in whatever sense) over your theory.

Christians can also be that way. We have a theory and derive rules from that theory. We expect people to agree with the theory and to completely follow the rules we have constructed. And, woe to those who disagree or slip in the following of a rule. They will be cast into hell where we Christians can joyfully sing “I told you so.”

But, there exist followers of Jesus who try to live out the harder commandment. “Love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. And your neighbor as yourself.”

We don’t have rules. We have “The Way” as the first followers were called. And that way means we don’t try to force people into molds and then judge them according to the mold. No, each person is a child of God. And we treat them as such. Offering to help them along the way.

Jon Swanson comes up with some of the most intriguing and challenging ways to serve. Follow the link to some practical yet fascinating ways to “fast”—or better said, to Love our neighbor. I wish I had the courage to try out his ideas.

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