I was meditating on the spiritual experience of awakening. That moment when inspiration and awareness arrive in an instance–after sometimes years of discipline.

This was early yesterday. The third day consecutively where I rose from bed with about two hours less sleep than normal. These conferences can sometimes be physically, as well as intellectually, tiring. When I’m walking the mile-and-a-half from my hotel to the conference location after perhaps six hours of sleep rather than my regular 7.5+ or meeting my 6:30 am Lyft driver to the airport, awakening is on my consciousness.

I was going to write this yesterday on the early plane. I was upgraded to first class. The seat was wide and comfortable. I dozed off. Missed the first-class free breakfast, although I had grabbed a quick bowl of oatmeal and a slice of toast at the United Club before the flight.

I also missed reading and writing while sleeping most of the way from Orlando to Chicago.

What a metaphor for how sometimes we sleepwalk through life. One day after another. Not paying attention to our surroundings or other people. No awareness that the spiritual presence of God surrounds us and infuses us.

Just asleep.

And then we awaken. And it’s great to be alive.

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