Eat It, It’s Good For You

How many of us have had a mother (or maybe wife) who has set something before us, say for example broccoli, and said, “Eat it, it’s good for you”?

We know that broccoli is just about the perfect vegetable loaded with Vitamin C, other nutrients, fiber. We also know that unless it is smothered in cheese, it is barely palatable.

The rich young man must have felt something like that when he came to Jesus. He had the perfect (in terms of Hebrew understanding of getting right with God) well-ordered life. Wealth implies comfortable living. He also had followed all the laws and rules.

Yet, he knew something was missing from his life.

Jesus offered him the version of broccoli–“Follow me.”

What, give up my quiet, well-ordered life for the uncertain future of becoming a disciple?!

We learn to like broccoli over time and persistence. Same with following Jesus. Some days are harder than others. But, over time and with practice, we learn to do what’s good for us.

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