Humility-We Could Use Some

“I have turned over the new leaf. I will become humble. In fact, I will be the most humble person in the world.” –Agatha Christie’s dapper little detective, Hercule Poirot.

The actor played this sentence with a bit of a smile indicating some degree of self-awareness. That it is a little joke on himself. After all, earlier in the story when someone said, “Oh, you’re a detective,” he replied, “Not a, the detective.”

Scan your news sources. Observe people in your organizations or businesses.

There is no shortage of pride in the world. If pride were to be harnessed as energy, we would not need the entire petroleum infrastructure.

And not just today. Read ancient literature about as far back in history as we have recorded. Pride is everywhere.

And humans recorded at least 4,000 years ago and maybe longer the results of pride.

Pride without any self-awareness.

Humility simply means thinking about how we impact other people. And how maybe we should consider the needs of other people before even our own. The antidote to pride.

Here’s to a shot of humility around the globe–and a double for our leaders.

Santé. Prost. Sláinte. Cheers. Drink up!

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