Achieving Balance

I recently listened to a conversation between two medical researcher geeks discussing some of the latest research into mitochondria, glucose conversion, muscle activity (both high performance athletes and we “casual” workout people), imbalances that lead to illness such as Type II diabetes and so on.

When our bodies and minds are healthy, we are in such a delicate balance of systems, nutrients, activity.

Ancient people in India figured out the need for balance–balancing mind/body, balancing the six tastes, balance meditation and action.

Our Western heritage emphasizes brain and rationality often placing it out of balance with our physical and spiritual sides.

This year, perhaps we could learn balance.

  • Our needs and the needs of others
  • Our brains and bodies and spirit
  • Our abundance and the deprivations of others
  • Our time spent on family, work, service, meditation
  • Our “rights” and the “rights” of others
  • Peace as a balance

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