Consider This Do List for 2020

I saw this on Twitter. Yes, mom, some good can come from social media–but for me much more on Twitter than Facebook.

Shared it with my small group. Got a lot of knowing smiles.

Thanks to @steveryancarter for sharing this thought from @michaelfrost6

I’ll begin the New Years with number 1.

A friend who is on “The Spectrum” in my small group tells me that I embody number three.

As for number two, I may have to start. I am a member of a United Methodist church in the West Ohio Conference. Turns out the Bishop (leader of the conference) made The New York Times when he tried to quietly dispose of a case of sexual misconduct by a clergy member of the Conference. Only some of the women involved felt greatly ignored by the process.

I’ve seen this bishop’s leadership style. Typical of organizations–tries to keep things as quiet as possible and smooth over problems. I’ve seen the same tendency in public school superintendents.

Now to go find insignificant friends. And then live again.

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