Some Talk, Some Do

Some groups of people seem to make all the noise. They know how to manipulate media, sometimes even while deriding it.

“The Media”–to whom I often refer as “mainstream media”–are as gullible as many evangelical Christians. They’ll fall for anything. I turn to NYU professor Jay Rosen for reasoned critiques of The Media. Look especially at his latest post about Meet the Press.

While I consider it a necessary spiritual discipline to avoid getting sucked into media drama, I notice who gets the press time (we used to say ink, but now it’s also pixels).

There are many more people who are actually out in the communities and world doing what Jesus actually commanded. Getting into relationship with God and into his kingdom. Going out amongst strangers and feeding the hungry, healing the sick, helping the poor, bringing comfort to the ailing, justice to the oppressed.

It’s the same in all organizations, both religious and secular, where we hear the negative, the nihilistic, the mean, the hate, the ego. Those make the headlines.

The people doing the work, well, we don’t hear much from them. They are too busy doing. Where are the algorithms that spread that word? Oh, they don’t sell ads?

Are you a Christian; or, are you a follower of Jesus? We know you by your love.

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