Nine Evidence Based Guidelines for a GOOD LIFE

As you search for ideas in order to compile your list of New Year’s Resolutions (do people still do that???), consider instead two things for the new year and for life–attitude and habit. I found this list compiled by a friend on social media. I can personally vouch for almost all of these. They can help you intentionally change your attitude and habits.

1. Exercise your body and your brain every day.

2. Count your blessings.

3. Try to see others’ point of view.

4. People, not things, make you happy.

5. Work to earn, to live. Don’t live for your work.

6. Keep reminding yourself: It’s not all about me.

7. Just teach your kids how to cope.

8. Use your conscious reasoning to slowly make the changes you want.

9. When stressed, process your worries consciously.

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