Moral Bankruptcy and Pride

I’m traveling for the holidays, and therefore on a different daily regimen. Which means, I read my news feeds before thinking for the day.

There were stories of greed, deception, lying, pride, ego, power seeking.

These were also the stories of 2,000 years ago. This could describe the Roman Empire and Jewish leaders.

And it describes the antithesis of the kingdom that Jesus described. The kingdom that turns it all on its head by putting love and humbleness and ethics at the center.

It’s not that we’ve lost. It’s just that every new individual born into human society must decide which kingdom it will reside in. And as we often say, failure to decide is in itself a decision.

Will we decide to enter, or just slide into, the kingdom of following our emotions and agree to manipulation?

Or, will we decide to enter the kingdom Jesus introduced?

Choose wisely.

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