Amongst all my studying, there are two disciplines that evoke the most confusion.

Interpretation of Christian theology.

Fitness and nutrition.

I just listened, for example, to two MDs interviewed. One had done the usual thing–discovered one molecule and extrapolated into a book and then a writing/speaking career.

Talking about good and bad foods, one MD said stay away from peanuts and peanut butter–it’ll kill you.

I hit pause. What?? Those are nutritionally dense foods you can snack on and not gain weight.

He went on, “I was at a conference where a doctor from Harvard said they feed lab rats peanut butter when they want them to develop atherosclerosis.”

Interest piqued, I researched. Found at least 25 papers on nutritional benefits of peanut butter.

It worries me that even a highly trained medical doctor who runs around the country espousing his “wisdom” would develop a teaching from an offhand comment.

Same with spiritual matters.

Someone lifts one comment or aside from a writing of a Gospel writer or from an apostle and develops a speaking/writing career spreading confusion and misinformation.

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